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Stop Murdering Houseplants. Try Lego Flowers Instead

untitled by Polina Kuzovkova

untitled by Polina Kuzovkova

What do you do when it's winter and there are no flowers blooming? Or you don't think you have a green thumb but love the idea of arranging flowers? Why not build your own? Something as simple as snapping together a three-dimensional bonsai tree or bouquet with plastic parts can help adults relax. These faux nature arrangements can also be personalized.

"I feel awful whenever I inadvertently kill a houseplant. But most fake plants, even decent ones, remind me of dreary dentist waiting rooms. Thankfully, the Lego Botanical Collection solves my problem.

Lego’s line of brick-built flora aimed at adults has a pleasing balance of realism and visible studs. It isn’t out to fool anyone. Here are faux plants that proudly say, “No, I’m not real, but you’re gonna love me—or at least appreciate that someone dreamed me up.”

The Botanical Collection started out as a hobby for Lego designers, who were building plants and flowers only to keep around the office... Discover more from New York Times"